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With over 75 years of combined clinical experience and the most prestigious Pediatric Certifications of any private practice in the region, Power of Movement delivers comprehensive PT intervention for ages 0 - 21 years.

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› Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

› Muscular Dystrophy

› Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular Impairment

› Orthopedic Injury

› Orthotic and Splinting Management

› Pes Planus/Flat Feet


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The mission of Power of Movement PT is to provide excellence in therapy to children with delays or disabilities. Our clinicians strive to enhance the lives of children to allow them develop the confidence to interact, function, and to perform at an age-appropriate level with their peers.

Power of Movement PT holds a strong commitment to education and collaboration with families, caregivers, and other medical providers involved.  Our therapists will provide updates to your pediatrician either through phone or progress reports.  Our clinicians use the most advanced techniques to help children reach their maximum potential.

Power of Movement PT delivers comprehensive intervention to infants and children.  Therapy will be provided at the full-service facility in Brewster, NY and Purchase, NY.  Services may be available in-home for the medically fragile child.



Power of Movement Physical Therapy is driven by a vision of a society in which all children are included regardless of ability. In achieving this vision, Power of Movement will provide high-quality, clinical care.  Our therapists have more than 65 years of combined experience specializing in the field of pediatrics, treating children from birth to 21 years of age.



"Melissa Broderick is a gifted therapist.  She is very intuitive and has a wonderful way with her patients (and their parents, too!). Melissa is the consummate professional who keeps a finger on the pulse of latest therapeutic techniques and consistently seeks out professional development opportunities.  Her balance of persistence and kindness makes her the perfect agent for physical change… especially with a feisty toddler!  Melissa’s knowledge base and commitment to children is admirable.  Her communication with parents is excellent.  She has done amazing work with my son and we are so very grateful."

Meg G.

Bedford, NY

"Power of Movement PT is fantastic and Christine is an amazing pediatric physical therapist! My daughter has been seeing Christine since 10 months old (she is now almost two) and she has made huge strides and catching up quickly to meet her milestones. I could not be more complimentary of Christine - she is so knowledgeable and knows just how to engage and play with my daughter while also asking her to do exercises and push herself in ways that are not easy for her. She is fun and playful and not to mention just a wonderful person and resource for me as a mother. My daughter has had the pleasure to work with Melissa and Dana and everyone is outstanding and professional. I have experienced a few pediatric physical therapy facilities before finding the Power of Movement and no other facility or therapists can compare. Melissa makes the whole admin and insurance approval process very easy. She is extremely responsive and detail oriented. We have been very happy and will continue to sing the praises of POM and their therapists!"

Anne M.

Irvington, NY


“I have had a wonderful experience with Power of Movement.  Sean made everything so easy. He was able to communicate with my insurance company and get the visits for my 5 year old daughter covered as "in-network." He responds immediately and with great detail to any question I have.

Our physical therapist, Karen Miller, has been working with my daughter for over 3 years. My daughter was a 29 week premie and has a lot of needs. She has helped her achieve all of her milestones. She is an incredibly talented and dedicated physical therapist and truly one of the best out there. She is also great at keeping the children engaged for the entire session.”

Karly H.

Briarcliff Manor, NY


“Melissa is an amazing pediatric PT.  She is able to evaluate a child quickly and accurately, and her sessions target the essential skills they need to make progress right away.  Melissa really cares about children and their families.  She uses cutting-edge therapy tools and techniques, but she is also able to motivate children by making therapy fun!”

Cathy C., Occupational Therapist

Irvington, ny

“We have had a such a great experience with Melissa. She is very knowledgeable in her field and extremely passionate about what she does! Our daughter looks forward to seeing Melissa every week and we look forward to seeing our daughter grow! Over the first few weeks of working with Melissa, we noticed improvements in our daughter's physical strength and her confidence has improved dramatically! She is willing to try things that used to intimidate her and she knows saying "I can't do it," is not an option, thanks to Melissa! Melissa has given us activities that we can work on together at home, which now has become a part of our daily routine! We feel so fortunate to have met someone who cares about our child's needs as much as we do!”

Jonna C.

Bronx, NY

“When the pediatrician recommended that my son see a physical therapist, I was scared and confused. I called Melissa's office and got an appointment later that week. As soon as I met Melissa I knew that everything was going to be alright. She did a thorough evaluation, explained everything in a way that I understood, and made me feel a million times better about everything.  We started seeing Melissa twice a week when he was 10 months old. At that time he still couldn't sit up unassisted. By the time he was 12 months old, he was crawling perfectly and he was walking by 15 months. The progress was amazing under Melissa's care. There is no one I would trust more than Melissa to work with my son. I feel so lucky that she is a part of our lives!”

Stacie T.

Rye, NY


“My son had torticollis and plagiocephaly which was treated starting at 6 months.  Part of his treatment included sessions with a physical therapist and we were so lucky to have found Melissa Broderick.  My son had weekly visits with Melissa over the course of several months, and she was excellent in motivating him and progressing his strength.  Other details about Melissa's treatment were especially appreciated.  For example:  she explained and video'd the exercises he needed to follow in detail so we could do at home, and highlighted his improvement or when he needed to improve faster.  Melissa was very accommodating in finding the best time for our schedule, and perhaps one of the best aspects is that she came to our home (she provides home based services so families can have therapy in the comfort of their own homes)  This definitely saved time, helped my son's comfort, and also was convenient for my other children.”

Gail D.

Mamaroneck, NY

“Melissa is absolutely fantastic!  She puts the children completely at ease during what can be a pretty traumatic experience for them.  She is very gentle, kind and loving during her sessions.  You can tell she is extremely knowledgeable by the way she explains things and by witnessing her skills.  I have been bringing my daughter to Melissa every week for almost a year now.  She was initially treated for her torticollis; however without Melissa, my daughter would never have made all her milestones so quickly.  My daughter loves her and will truly miss her when our PT sessions are over.  Melissa is like part of the family and a very special loved one in my daughter's life.”

Jean L.

West Harrison, NY

“When we first brought our son to Melissa, he had moderate to severe torticollis which prevented him from properly turning his head to the left and meeting his developmental milestones.  Within just a few weeks of Melissa’s help we began seeing improvement in the range of motion of our son’s neck.  In addition to being a highly skilled therapist, you can tell that she loves what she does.  At the beginning of every session she greeted us with a smile.  Then, during each session, she would sing and play with our son to distract him from the sometimes uncomfortable stretches.  Through Melissa’s vigilant and detailed assistance our son met all of his physical developmental milestones on schedule.  We would, without hesitation, recommend Melissa to anyone.”

Amy E.

White Plains, NY


“My pediatrician recommended Melissa Broderick to me when my daughter was diagnosed with a developmental disorder and hypotonia at the age of 19 months old.  My daughter worked with Melissa for 2.5 years with steady progress and improvement.  At a recent neurological examine, the pediatric neurologist commented that the benefits of my daughter’s physical therapy were evident and that the therapy significantly mitigated the impacts of the disorder.

My daughter enjoyed attending therapy with Melissa.  Melissa has a thorough understanding of movement and functionality, which allows her to focus the training on the fundamentals and core strength.  Melissa has developed a wonderful relationship with my daughter, who enjoyed her 45-minute physical therapy session.  Melissa is creative in making the session age-appropriate and children-friendly, engaging my daughter with a variety of core-strength exercises, balance, and coordination skills.  My daughter’s ability to descend stairs and to chase her brother at the playground is one of Melissa’s many accomplishments with my daughter.

From a parent’s perspective, I appreciate the after-session discussions on progress and issues.  Melissa’s “take-home” notes are very useful in explaining what exercises I can encourage my daughter to do at home.  Melissa is knowledgeable and can recommend home-equipment to enhance these home exercises.  I have also worked with Melissa on custom-orthotics to further assist my daughter’s walking.  Melissa has assisted me in communicating with my pediatrician and neurologist, and Melissa has acted as an advocate for my daughter at our public school special education meetings.

Melissa is sincerely invested in my daughter’s progress and improvement, and while my daughter’s physical disability is likely a life-long condition, I am truly grateful to Melissa’s effort to educate me as a parent and provide my daughter with the skills for her to succeed as a pre-schooler.”

AmyMarie A.



“I have known Melissa personally for over 5 years now so needless to say when my daughter needed a pediatric physical therapist, I knew who to turn to.  Melissa was able to spot my daughter’s plagiocephaly by her facial asymmetry just from looking at a picture! The way Melissa works with children is nothing short of amazing!  She has such a calming and soothing way about her and children automatically respond.  My daughter gets so excited to see her every week! My little girl has overcome so many hurdles all thanks to Melissa!”

Lisa W.

Harrison, NY


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Melissa Broderick.  My son, Parker, was diagnosed with severe left-side Torticollis when he was 3.5 months old.  It was a very upsetting diagnosis as my son was unaware that his left side even existed and he also required a helmet to help correct his positional plagiocephaly.  Melissa was my rock for the year and half that Parker was in physical therapy.  Her kind demeanor, vast knowledge and her amazing way of interacting with newborns was such a welcomed relief.  She is extremely knowledgeable and was always available for consultation no matter what time of day it was.  In fact, my husband and I face-timed her while she was on vacation with her own family to help us correctly carry out Parker’s home care therapy.  Melissa also worked around my schedule when I had to head back to work, so that I could still be a part of Parker’s therapy sessions.  I highly recommend Melissa as a physical therapist as she has helped my son become the perfect healthy 2 year old that he is today.”

Tamara C.

harrison, NY