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How Do I Start Therapy?


If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation for your child, call the office with your health insurance information. 


I am an “in-network exception” provider for Oxford, United Healthcare/Oxford, and The Empire Plan/NYSHIP.  If this is your insurance carrier, you will only be required to pay the co-pay at the time of the visit and I will handle all insurance claims and authorizations.  For individuals that do not have the above insurance plans, I will work with you and your insurance company to attain either a “gap exception” or “single case agreement” to limit the out-of-pocket expense incurred.  Families will be required to pay at each visit, but if approved for either a “gap exception” or “single case agreement,” reimbursement will be made from the insurance company directly to the family as per the plan's benefits.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, please fill out the Welcome Packet.

What do I need to have for my child's first appointment?

› Pediatrician’s or Physician’s Prescription
› Completed Medical History Form
› Health Insurance Card
› Form of payment: Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa


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Providing the tools you need

Melissa will perform a formal standardized test on children ages 0-6 years of age that will screen your child’s skills based on your concerns as a parent.  For children 7 years and older, Melissa will conduct a full evaluation consisting of postural screening, applicable orthopedic exams, and assess skill set.


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Following the evaluation, Melissa will provide verbal feedback and give her professional clinical opinion as to whether your child would benefit from Physical Therapy. In addition, she will provide you with ideas and suggestions of things that you can work on at home.  In some cases, she may recommend other types of evaluations from different educational and/or medical professionals that may help your child.


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Play-based sessions

Therapy sessions are 45 minutes in length.  All therapy session will be one-on-one and involves structured, play-based sessions. Parent and caregiver participation in carryover activities will be instrumental in the progression of a child’s development.  As a child progresses, parent(s) and/or caregivers will be provided with new exercises, activities, and ideas on how to perform these exercises in a play-based manner.  Families are encouraged to record carryover activities on mobile devices to assist with proper execution.